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Gas Pump Gumball Machine

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NameGas Pump Gumball Machine (sold out)
Item # Gaspump-Gumball
Code # FG03600

Bring back the good 'ol days with this Gas Pump Gumball Machine. This Gumball Machine is Modeled after the vintage Texaco gas pump. Old Fashion style die-cast Gas Pump Gumball Machine with plastic globe that lights up measures 21" Tall. Accepts pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and can be set to "free vend". It will also dispense small candy and nuts. Gumballs must be 0.62" diameter or smaller. (not included)

NOTE: This is a novelty gumball machine. It will accept most coins and is not intended for commercial use. It will only dispense 0.62" diameter gumballs or smaller. It WILL NOT dispense large 1" gumballs.

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