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Chips Licorice Jujubes 1400ct

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NameChips Licorice Jujubes 1400ct
Item # Chips-Licorice
Code # L5355

In Italy, traditional licorice "pasticche" have long been a favorite of young and old alike. For over 50 years, Licorice CHIPS, our own authentic version of these old fashioned, jujube-like confections, have been imported to the U.S. where they enjoy an equally enthusiastic and loyal following. Pure licorice extract is enhanced with a touch of menthol to produce naturally throat-soothing CHIPS pastilles that are sure to delight the most discerning licorice aficionado.

Only 2.5 calories each! Made in Italy. Net Wt. 3 Pounds 6.5oz

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