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Bonomo Turkish Taffy VANILLA 24ct

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NameBonomo Turkish Taffy VANILLA 24ct (temp out)
Item # BON-001-24

Bonomo Turkish Taffy is pleased to reintroduce the classic "smack it, crack it" Turkish Taffy Bars in its original formulation. The bars are made in York, Pennsylvania, USA, just how they have been made since 1912.

Vanilla Flavor - 24 - 1.5oz bars

Turkish Taffy was invented in 1912 by Herman Herer in New York. Herman emigrated from Austria where as a young man he began his career as an apprentice to a candy maker, earning only room and board. In 1901 he brought his skills to the land of opportunity were he started his own candy making business, selling candy to retailers and manufacturers. While making a batch of marshmallow candy for M. Schwarz & Sons of Newark, New Jersey, Herman, then known as Pop, made a mistake. He added too many egg whites to the batch. Instead of throwing the batch away he recognized that he may be on to something. After much experimentation and testing, lo-and-behold Pop created, "Turkish Taffy". Unfortunately, no one actually knows why Pop came up with the name or in what manner he sold or marketed Turkish Taffy.

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